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I was curious about....

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I was curious about....
  • I was curious if anyone else had Belgium Draft Horses out there.
    Also do you show them as I do and they are a great work horse.
    They are my favorite breed. Stormy and Windy are 19.5 Hands high.
  • Welcome Speedfree.

    I don't have Drafts although I am an admirer.

    Sorry for the loss of your wife.

    I lost a husband back in 07.

  • Hi! I am also not sure about that about but Stormy and Windy are already one of the best bets. Howerve, you should also check out other horses and not only bet on these two. You know, more chances of winning. Honestly not updated with the latest stats but it is better to spread your bets rather than risking it all on two horses. I am also hoping that there are new matches right now and we can watch it right at the stadium. However, I think it is kind of impossible because of the new covid strain.