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When should I get a horse?

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When should I get a horse?
  • I also wouldn't buy any horse that I wasn't able to ride first to see how it responded to catching saddling, mounting and reining. And do you feel any connection with it? Try many different horses and find out if they're good in the types of situations you'll be riding in. There are so many things that you will want to know before you buy your first horse/friend. For an example my mom bought us a beautiful palamino that had been trained and used for barrel riding. He was a very nice horse, but it was almost impossible to stop him once he got running and to keep him from running when headed back to home. He had a very hard mouth because of that. So get some background on any horse you consider purchasing.

  • hell, I agree with all the above, I am a learner and haven't gotten a horse yet, because everyone was looking out for my safety!!! one buck could lay you up for the rest of your life...the horse that I was working with got spooked on two different occasions and I wound up flat on my back and I was grooming, so never rush, it isn't good for either one of you!

  • Totally agree. Had some mistakes on my way.

  • There is no exact time to get a horse. Just make sure that you have the funds to maintain a horse and make sure its well-being. You also need to make sure that there is a stable that a horse can perfectly live in. It is also best to know all about the basics on how to take care and train a horse. You also need to consider the kind of horse breed you want to take care of. This is because different breeds have different attitudes. Be sure that you are committed in taking care of a horse.

  • couldn't say better!