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What do you think of Arabians?

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What do you think of Arabians?
  • I have an Arab mix and I love him! He is not jumpy at all! He is gorgeous and very intelligent and friendly!

  • Well then... All creatures are beautiful in their own way!

  • I learned to ride on a wonderful, old, flea-bitten grey Arab mare and naughty ponies.  Della, the Arab was a steady, sweet girl.  We also had an Anglo-arab, Beau and he was so athletic but full of mischief.  Then there was Gracie, another amazing, flea-bitten grey mare and we had many adventures together.  We now have a Morab mare, Athena and she is such a good trail horse, really enjoys it.  It just depends on the horse, its background, particular breeding and experience.

  • I have an Arab and an Arab mix, and I love them both. people tell me that I have a special way with Arabs, because no matter how crazed they are they usually calm down and listen to me.

  • I have 1 arabian AND I LOVE HER TO DEATH lol

  • I have owned an Arabian stallion for 28 years and also numerous other breeds.  Jahiel still prances about like a colt.  He has been the most loving, gentle and by far the most intelligent breed I've ever owned.  He has never once attempted to bit or kick in all those 28 years.  I feel no other breed can match the Arabian for beauty in movement or temperament.  I live in Minnesota where winters can reach beyond -40 with the windchill factor.  Jahiel  takes the cold far better than my two Paint studs.  With over 50 years of horse experience...I feel Arabians are the easiest to train, maintain better health and have a more willing desire to please than all the other breeds I've experienced, which has been quite a few.  Hands down, if raised correctly, an Arabian is man's best friend.

  • Nice Rosie!! Jahiel  sounds wonderful!!

  • I just got my little purebred arab, Alfie. He's a little man, only 14.3 hands. I personally despised Arabs after seeing my friend get thrown many times off of one she leased. I thought I'd never in a million years end up with one, but then I met my beautiful gelding. I agree with people saying each horse has a different personality more than ever now. I love the breed, aND the only reason I don't like the dished nose is because it's so hard to find a bridle that fits!

  • They are highly intelligent, loyal, good-natured, have a gentle disposition, versatile, courageous, noble, quick to learn and willing to please. If you're looking for a companion who'll be your partner in adventure or completion - and your friend for life - then an Arabian is the horse for you. My little Arab's name is Rio and he has brought me so much joy.... cannot ever imagine my life without him. =)

  • Well, Rio sounds fantastic!

  • Everyone has their opinions. Mine is that they're gorgeous despite the curve.

    I found a beautiful smoky 3 yo gelding on Craigslist and I'm really hoping we get to buy him.

    Most of the people I know, however, have quarter horses.

  • Won my first endurance race  October 1989 on my big jumper. This was my first endurance ride ever and loved it. Also won best condition that day. Promptly sold my jumper and bought my 1st  arab. I was hooked, Instead of spending all day at a show and only riding about 5 minutes I got to ride all day and everyone was riding arab so I bought a arab to join the crowd and for the past 30 years that is all I own

    Smart, great feet, nice size, easy to break. I love the breed but if I was to breed my perfect arab he would be part standardbred to give him more speed at the trot. An arab can travel all day at a nice trot, 8 miles per hour and 12 if pushed. A cross bred would give him more cruising speed .

    Getting carried away. I love my arabs.

  • I am an arab fan. Have been since 1989 when I won my first endurance race.  They are the right size for me, have great feet and legs and if  conditioned right  can go all day.    They are good looking, easy to train and take on the personality of their rider,  If you are nervous, they pick up on this, Be brave calm and they are brave. I will have to learn how to post pictures

  • Sorry for the double post but my first post was posted yesterday and I could find it until right now????

  • Just trying to post a picture?