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Rocky & Daisy update

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Rocky & Daisy update
  • hey everyone, wanted to give you all  a quick update on Rocky & Daisy.  I took a clicker class online at the end of October. It was so much fun, did lots of things with the donks, but my end goal was for both of them to load in the trailer easily ( and at liberty!)

    Of course Daisy got it right away and hopped in on the 3rd day (first day with the trailer). She loves in so much I have a hard time getting her OUT of the trailer. I spent good deal of time this summer redoing my trailer, so happy to be able to finally use it for training!

    Rocky was a bit slower, he didn't quite understand that I wanted all FOUR feet in the trailer. I got really stuck for awhile. at one point he thought i wanted the fronts in, the backs out and the backs doing a little 'dance' LMAO. so I had to rethink my training. I decided he'd get a jackpot for getting all four feet in the trailer, and it worked!!  the last few training sessions he jumps all the way in now.


    doing some targeting in the trailer

    Having breakfast in the trailer yesterday!

    Now i have to try to load both of them!! LOL
    Just in time too, the donks have their first entertainment gig this week!! They'll be wearing pack saddles & my BF & i will be dressed as gold rush days prospectors!!
    So excited and nervous at the same time!!!
  • How cute they are!  Glad you were able to get them both in the trailer ':)'  Always something that is necessary if you are going to go anywhere!
    We used to back our trailer up to the gate and feed our foals in the trailer.
  • Just love the picture of the one looking over the tail gate.  That near eye seems to be saying, "What? I'm in and now  you want me to come out?"
  • Great pics, akyramoto! Have fun at your entertainment gig. We'll want pictures of that, too. [';)']

    What little I can see of your trailer looks a lot like the one I had and restored. I had pictures of my restoration (before, during and after) on the forum several years ago - before the big crash. [':D'] Would love to see pics of yours if you have them.
  • Love it! Be sure to get some pics of your prospecting getup! I had a blast with the Standard donkey I had some years ago (and passed on to a Forever home where he has two kids he looks after). I love having our mule Sally because I see so much of that Donkey intelligence in her approach to things. They really are much more willing to pleas than people give them credit for. When donkeys do something, they do it from their heart. So you have to convince them ALL THE WAY that its' the right thing to do!
  • Very nice looking Donkey some day hope to own one myself I miss them making their sound. I use to live in a area where I would hear one once a day.