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Wanting to become a trainer!

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Wanting to become a trainer!
  • Hi! could i have some advice on how to become a trainer.
    i've worked with 6 horses so far(friends horses) and i've shadowed/worked with a trainer
    what other things can i do to better myself
  • How long have you been working with horses?

  • every since i was 12 im 17 now

  • Well you have a good start.  I would continue where you are now for a few more years.  Build a reputation for quality and results.  Learn to teach a horse to relax and listen.  Learn yourself to relax and listen to the horse.  It's kind of a pity we don't have something like the German system of qualifying for this kind of thing.  That way you can have a format to follow.  

    Just keep one thing in mind at all times, if you have to force a horse into a frame or use appliances of any kind to get a look, you have lost the contest.  Yes, it takes time to properly train a horse.  However, the result is SO much better as to be WELL worth the effort!  The problem is convincing your customers of this.  Most people want a thirty day wonder.  They are either too broke or too cheap to spend the money on several years of teaching a horse to relax and carry their burden properly.  Hence, many of the big trainers will use appliances and gimmicks to get a horse to do what is desired.

    Work on your 'People Skills'  as well.  Like any business, training horses requires selling yourself and your services to the public.  You need to be particularly good at this to succeed.  Remember, the Horse Trainer is the first person fired when the economy goes splat, as it periodically does.

    Whatever discipline you ascribe to, study the classic Dressage methods of training.  They can be applied to just about any type or style of driving or riding.  Just about anything one does with horses.

  • I support the above!