Hi guys! I recently bought a 12-year-old gelding Quarter horse. It has been about 3 weeks and I recently started riding him. I did ground work with him for a couple of weeks just for trust and to see what he can do. The first bit I put him in is a snaffle. He did need something a bit more than a snaffle, so I moved him into a correctional bit. Now he just hates the correctional bit. Although, my issue is... he doesn't stop when he is in a canter. When I ask for a stop I sit deep in my seat, if that doesn't work I say woah, and finally if those 2 failed I apply pressure. He doesn't listen to any of those cues. I have to pull so hard on his mouth just for him to stop, which I know is bad, but he just won't stop. My questions are, what bit should I try because he obviously needs a bit. And what are some ways to teach him how to stop from a canter? He just runs through the bit in a canter, but in a trot or walk, he will stop if I apply pressure to his mouth. Hopefully, this makes sense if not let me know haha. Thank you!!!