About 2 years ago I did the Extreme Mustang Makeover and I participated as a youth competetor I had 100 days to train a wild filly and make her safe on the ground. After the competition I ended up buying the filly and bringing her home. I haven't done a lot with her since she's been home with me but I have still been working with her. My filly is now 4 years old (rough estimate) and about 13 hands tall so she still has some growing to do ( or she's just short) I think it's time to start her under saddle. I am still in my late teens but I have helped start a few horses and seen the whole process but I have never started a young horse by myself. I want to start this filly because we have a huge bond and we've come so far but is it safe to start her on my own as I know how important the first ride is? The barn manager wants me to sell this filly because she wants me to take up horse showing (Which I don't have a huge interest in) but I don't think she will sell(due to her size) and I would rather have her with me. This filly has had some trust issues and she still does especially with the trainers but she is fine with me (she was a huge nuthead in the past but we have worked through that) what do you guys think I should do? Should I break her in my self? Or seek professional help? (Which I don't want to do due to my financial situation)