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Barrel Racing!

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Barrel Racing!
  • Hey! I am trying to work with my mare to barrel race! She is 8 years old and is a Arab/Paint Mix! I live in Colorado! I have been with my mare for about 2 years, but only have owned her 1 year! I have trained her all by myself and she trots, canters, backups. I can throw a rope off of her she doesn't spook often only at some things and just amazes me! But, My dad is wanting me to barrel race... Have you ever heard of a Arabian/paint barrel racing?? I don't really know where I can start with my mare to barrel race! So can you guys give me some tips?? Thanks!!
  • im sure there are some good websites out there.  but truely i would think that you should start at the beginning.  get out your measuring tape and set up 3 barrels the proper distance apart (probly google barrel pattern distances... altho they probly very some from association to association) then start walking.  learn if your horse is left or right handed... you will want to do those 2 turns for which she is more handy.  she will need to learn to move off your leg while still bending around the barrels.  once she gets the hang of that, move up to the trot.  and so on.

    if you have not yet, find your local saddle club, 4H club if you are young enough is a great place to get lots and lots of info for very little money.  

    the most important thing, to me is that your mare needs to know what 'whoa' means.  there is no reason why she cannot walk into the arena on a loose rein before she runs, as well as walk out on a loose rein when she is done with her  pattern.  

    all horses can run speed events.  My son ran my percheron gelding last summer in most of the events as well as drill team at our county 4H show.  the only person stopping you from doing what you wish to do with your mare is you ;)