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Please read. Training beginning to end

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Please read. Training beginning to end
  • Can I have some of the basics for ground training, ridden work, jumping training and gymnastic for the horse. I'm new to horses and id like some pointers on how to do these and do them properly. To eventually compete in dressage and jumping. I ride western right now though. I am a novice rider with a little bit trained horse in western. I have had several people say that dressage/ jumping would help me and my horse. Also I photos in my album. I just don't know anything about that type of stuff. I have poles and that I just want to start him right but I don't know how. Also I don't make enough to get lessons. I already clean stalls every Saturday to help get a job. do you know any websites that show correct riding skills and different ways to do things? Such as positioning, what the gait are likely to look like and advice on how to make a horse better at things. please answer.
  • crawl before you walk. Walk before you run. If you're trotting around, you can put ground poles down and get used to the horses gait and body motions going over. Just keep it at the trot. Don't rush.  If you elevate the pole, the horse will canter on the other side but bring him back to the trot. Stay in control. 

    WEAR A HELMET!!!!!
  • i always wear a helmet. and thanks. how do you teach a horse to side step in the saddle. like to open gates or turn on lights lol?
  • One way is to put them up to the fence perpendicular. Que them to move (apply pressure) and as soon as they move, release the pressure. Repeat and try to be consistent and gentle. The trick is to keep their nose pointed toward the fence. If you place your hand or the training stick butt about where your leg is while you do this, that should help your horse recognize a leg cue to move sideways. Remember to do every movement so many times your horse already knows what you're going to ask for before you ask. That would be a hundred or so. [':)'] I'm not a trainer and this is just my opinion. 
  • ok thanks. also hoe do you do this on the ground?
  • You'd probably do well watching some basic ground handling videos by any of the popular trainers. 
  • Welcome to the forum tenkides!

    When I started out riding, all of the horses I rode knew how to do everything in theory. The horses that I rode were strictly western horses, ropers to be exact. But they knew how to side up to a fence, sidestep, even turn a complete circle on their hind-end and slide stop. So when I got my own horse, who didn't know how to do this, I simply used the same cues and he caught on pretty quickly. I don't know about jumping, I've never done that but side-stepping is pretty easy to teach. Keep in mind I am not a trainer so this is just experience talking. 

    What you might want to do is ask questions where you ride, most people will willingly give you pointers if you ask. 

    So side-stepping up to a gate. Usually what I did was take away the gate, stand in the middle of the arena or where ever you have room to move around and apply pressure to the opposite side of the horse. Meaning if you want him to move to the right, apply pressure with your left foot. The horse should move over, not forward or backwards. Once he does this, release the pressure and give him praise. I also move my hands over, because my horse needed it. Just collect the reins and move them over in the direction you want him to go. He shouldn't turn or move forward. Teaching something like this, you should use a pressure and release method. Apply the pressure and once he does it correctly, release. Make the right thing easy and the wrong thing hard. 
    On the ground, it's pretty much the same, stand on the opposite side and cluck or kiss while pushing gently with your hand on his side. Hold the lead rope so he can't move forward and release the pressure when he steps to the side. You might have to work on him just moving his front end, you said he is a western horse correct? So it shouldn't be an issue, but you have to make sure that he moves with purpose and both ends, not just one. Be patient and calm and he'll catch on to what you are wanting him to do. 
    After your horse is moving over with your cues you can add the gate [':D']

    Hunter's method is effective too and you can try both to see which would be easier for your horse, I've seen it done both ways so try it out and see what works better. And watching videos on youtube, it's free is a good suggestion, I've done it a couple of times. 
    Good luck and stick around on the forum we have a daily thread in the general chat section where you can talk to everyone and read about all of our lives [':)']
  • Can you not offer to clean tack in exchange for a half hour lesson? From other problems you posted about I also think you would benefit from working more on your handling skills as well, as you are having problems that are easily corrected, but if they are not addressed, they will lead up to major problems soon. While watching videos online might help, if you have no basic core understanding of what is being done? That will not help you much.
  • No because the trainer dose not accept that. I already tryed. also what do you mean by the rest?