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Help No Steering!

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Help No Steering!
  • Hello
    I have reciently bought a lovely cob mare who has recently been broken. She is excellent in walk however lacks balance in trot and we have no steering! 
    Has anyone got any good advice on how I can re - school her improving her steering, balance and her confidence? 
    Any help, ideas and tips would be greatly appreciated :-) 

    Thank you
  • What kind of riding do you do and what tack are you using? Can you take her to some good riding lessons. That would be great for you both to learn at the same time!
  • Hunter's advice is good.

    One thing to always remember is that things get worse the faster you go. SO - just work at a walk for now until the steering and (especially) the brakes work very well. Also be sure you are using a snaffle bit so that you can ride with both hands and *steer* her using direct pressure. If you're a novice, find someone knowledgeable to help you. There's an old saying - Green on green makes black and blue. 
  • Thanks for the tips!

    Were riding in a plain curved snaffle bit with a standard English saddle. I have considered some riding lessons and they may be the best option?
    Do you think more lunging would be a good idea to get her more supple on each rain and may improve her balance on a circle?   
  • Longeing is actually hard on the legs so I wouldn't do much if she's young. If you can afford the lessons, I'd do that. You might even want to try doing "passenger lessons" (from the horse's standpoint) where you just kind of let her go wherever she wants (obviously in an arena) so that she gets the experience of learning how to balance the extra "load" without you interfering by trying to steer her. Also, PLEASE be sure she really has *stop* down well before you do this with her at a trot. 

    Another thing you might try (hopefully your trainer will know how to help you with this) is long lining her. It's not exactly the same as ground driving and my opinion is that she should be able ground drive well before trying this (because it can go bad in a hurry if you don't know what you're doing and/or she is not comfortable with the lines). With long lining, you are "longeing" her in a circle, but you are using two LONG reins on the bit. You will use the reins to move her subtly in toward you and out again onto the circle. Be sure not to overwork her, and be sure to work both sides. ALWAYS begin anything new at a walk and be sure the horse is solid (BORED solid) before moving up in speed - things always get worse again when you add speed.
  • Thank you so much it's really appreciated. 
    I will definitely try out all of your advice wish me luck!! ':-)'
    Thank you all