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Horse's behaviour has changed

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Horse's behaviour has changed
  • We have a 7 year old mare who over a period of several weeks has changed a lot. Yesterday when I went to feed her she charged me. Again when I went to let her out into the pasture she charged me again. Both times I yelled at her and waved my arms and she backed off but this is a real problem. The vet was out to see her and said she was healthy and she just had a behavior problem...you think???? Any suggestions would be appreciated. There has been no change in her environment or her feeding. I know mares have off days but this isn't like that this is different and dangerous.
  • How long have you had her? 7 weeks? Wonder if she was buted up when you got her?
    She's trying to establish herself as lead mare, for sure. I'd keep a 2x4 handy. PLEASE BE CAREFUL!
  • She's been with us for 2 years. She came from the track and was a hard nose when she arrived but she mellowed into a nice horse until this. I don't think she has lead mare on her mind, her pasture mate is a 25 year old donkey. I'm more than careful but I'm very worried about her. Something is very wrong and I need to find out what.
  • Is there something in her pasture that she's eating? Has any herd dynamics shifted? Are there strange critters leaving poop in the pasture? Do you think she's got some back pain or...? 

    I had a horse who was having a serious (took him to the vet where he fought tubing for about an hour) choke episode. Before we headed to the vet my horse farm neihbors came over and this horse KICKED my neighbor. This was the horse you could turn a toddler loose around and he'd take care of the baby. He had pain and he acted out. 
    Is she pooping and is it normal? Gut noises? I just don't know. I'd call Carla. Wait. You don't know my Bowen Therapist, do you? [':)'] Well, you could email her and ask. She's amazing!

  • Nothing absolutely nothing has changed. Like I said the vet checked her out and said she was healthy. No weird poop being left in her pasture, no change in her pasture buddy, nothing different that she could be eating. I'm wondering if it's the heat. We also had a little gelding suddenly turn on a guy who has always cared for him. The gelding bit his handler so hard in the side it knocked the wind out of the guy. Totally unexpected. It's been so stinking hot here that everyone, humans and animals are so over it. I have a man coming by to look at the mare. This guy is a true horse whisperer. I've seen him walk into a stall with the crankiest horse and the horse settles right down. It's amazing. Hopefully he can work with her. Oh yes she poops up a storm and no tummy rumbles.
  • I think you are on the right path.  I know heat makes me cranky so I assume it can your horse too.  Is it possible to put her inside with a fan?

    As long as she has her rabies shot up to date and there are no cases in your area, the only other thing I have seen that makes a disposition change from nice to mean would be certain drugs.  I had a gelding that reacted to his antihistamines and another that got cranky after being on MSM for awhile.  Keep us posted on what happens when she sees this man. 

    By the way, WELCOME to our forum.  Join in on General Chat anytime.
  • Has there been weight gain? 
    "You never know what you have until you have a fat horse."
    (A favorite quote)
    And yes, welcome 
  • Nope no weight gain. She's nice and trim with a good appetite. I think the guy I told you about will be there this weekend. I'll let you know what happens.
  • I hope you can figure out what's happening and "fix" it. Quite a mystery...
  • Well it's been a while but I want to report on my nutsy mare. The friend who we call "horse whisper" has worked with her for a little over 2 weeks now and there is a huge difference. I don't know what he did, said or what to her but she's much calmer. My friend said she just needed some purpose. I agree with that because she came from the track and she was a steady earner until she developed Tendinitis and the decision was made to retire her. I know it's hard for Thoroughbreds to make the transition to retirement and she's under training for pleasure riding. She was doing great until her "setback" but now she's starting to look her old self again. I am trying to give her that purpose but maybe I needed to work her a little harder. Her Tendinitis has cooled off and maybe I was just to easy with her. She's a hard head but she's a kind mare who wants to please. Thanks for your interest in her.
  • Good news. Maybe try obstacles with her. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, just new things to keep her engaged. Instead of just riding out and back on a trail.
  • Thanks for the update! I'd love to see pictures of her. I had fun engaging a filly's mind by laying out a "maze" of ground poles with right angles and having her walk through and back through without touching the poles, also step over a pole with front feet, then sidepass off of it, stuff like that. Makes them think and some do better at thinking than others. Your girl sounds smart. (and cranky) [':D']