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The education of Jewel, Part II

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The education of Jewel, Part II
  • I'm so excited!  A highly recommended trainer is coming tomorrow afternoon to take a look at Jewel.  It's been frustrating watching her grow and not get worked with since my neck got bad so now she'll get to move forward with becoming a respectful, useful horse!  She's 3 1/2, about 16.2 and full of herself BUT she's the first to whinny whenever she sees me come out of the house and is always begging to go somewhere so I think once she understands what we want and expect from her, she'll enjoy getting to go places.



  • Haha noticed the dog. So it happens everywhere not just to me. I'm so happy I'm not alone! She does look full of herself. She is a big girl wow! May I ask what happened to your neck?
  • Great news!!!  She's so big and gorgeous!!
  • Cintillate-a series of old injuries that caused disc problems and then this last summer I was unloading bales of hay (100 lb.+) and caused a pinched nerve..... x-ray shows my cervical vertebrae are collapsing forward into the spinal column..... couldn't use my left arm for a while, was really awful, off work, etc.  Still waiting on the insurance and Dr. to get it together to get me in for an MRI to really check things out but in the meantime, a wonderful chiropractor and traction have helped me be functional.  Not really supposed to be riding but my personal riding horse is a big, sweet moose so I'm back to it, just trying not to aggravate things again with Jewel as she's a little crazy.
  • Really liked the trainer-very calm, knowledgeable, not in a hurry, seems to know his stuff.  I got Jewel out and she was totally full of herself, kept pawing and trying to nip me while I was leading her, ended up having her walk around me in circles so we could talk in peace!  When I put her back in she took off and bucked and kicked and showed off for quite a while..... acts like a caged tiger even though she's in a large pasture with another horse.  She really wants to do something...... He was very positive about her, is going to start next week, working on ground manners and RESPECT ':)'  I need to put up a round pen for him and put in a good, strong hitching pole.  He's a firm believer in using tying to teach a horse patience and also using other horses in a herd situation to teach them respect.  Guess I need to put Cody back in there..... she just bosses poor Chocolate around so right now she thinks she's queen.  Bummer that he isn't in my area more days and that he already has clients booked in the afternoons but he said to call him and he'll let me know how things went.....
  • She reminds me of someone. Sahara is really full of herself and was not disrespectful but unsure at so she would literally follow in my footsteps and would end up stepping on my heels. The pictures just remind me of her. I hope you get your neck sorted out, sorry to hear about it. It sounds painful, it is good you have people to help you out.
  • Jewel is very nosy, curious.  If you are out in the pasture, pretty soon you feel a nose poking you and then there she is with this look on her face like "Hi!  Whatcha doin?  Huh, huh?  Wanna play?" but you have to watch her because she thinks she can play with you!  We usually have to carry some kind of stick to keep her back...... can't wait for her to learn to give space ':)'
  • I have a feeling Sahara and Jewel would get along...but Sahara wouldn't fancy being the smaller one. She is 14hh. ^^ Same thing, Sahara loves to play and I do run around with her and along side her that is if she shows mercy and goes at a trot. Gets intimidating when she gallops toward me. XD Does Jewel have any play mates?
  • Yes, Jewel is pastured with Chocolate, a QH gelding and they do play.  The problem with playing with Jewel is she isn't careful with you and bumps, kicks, rears, bites!!  So, we don't play with her.......  She had never been with other horses or in a pasture where she could really run before we got her and she loves being with another horse and being able to really stretch out her long legs and run.  We love watching her.
    I do play with my big horse, Cody.  He likes to follow me at liberty and will trot when I run, etc.  He is really good about maintaining personal space though ':)'
    Working on putting up a round-pen and getting a strong, patience pole installed for her ':)'
  • How is Chocolate holding up. ^^ Is he just as big?
  • He's doing fine ':)'  He's 11 yrs. old and had never been out with other horses so he's figuring things out.  He's about 16.2 but bigger bodied since he's full grown while she's still filling out and maturing.  Seems like a couple days ago he finally started asserting himself and last night I saw him make a big lunge and send her running ':)'  Yay!  She needs to be put in her place.  She gets really fussy at feeding time and has bitten me and my neighbor in frustration.  For a while, we had to keep a lunge whip to keep her back and make her submit before she got food.  She's doing better although she is still a little nuts until she gets those first couple bites.  We give her enough grass hay to keep her busy 24/7 so it's not like she's starving or anything but she loves her pellets!
    Got more panels yesterday to make the round pen so now I need to get them set up and see if we have enough.
  • Horses do love their food. Ah,congratz on the progress Chocolate is making with her. I bet she went and sulked for a while or did she bounce back. ':D'
  • She didn't sulk but she definitely wasn't acting as sassy ':)'  I put my Cody in with them after I got back from my ride today and she was all up on him being rude.  He is my clean-up crew, will eat just about any hay the other horses turn their noses up at so he was busy eating but once he's had his fill, I'm sure he'll set her straight ':)'  Chocolate was better.  The first time I put Cody in with them, Chocolate was way over-board bossy, trying to keep Jewel to himself and trying to keep her away from Cody.  This time he is more interested in Cody and looks like he's saying "You can have her, Dude...... she's psycho!"
  • "You can have her, Dude...... she's psycho!"

    Oh, Dana! You made me LOL!!!
  • Haha. That made me laugh. I wonder what Cody was thinking.