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New Here and New Horse

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New Here and New Horse
  • Hey everyone I just joined this site and its really new to me so im trying to figure it out but that's not my major problem now. I just got a new horse named Amigo and he is settling okay but my main problem is that he hates the barn and all he wants to do is eat grass! I took him out on the lunge line today and he did okay for 5 mins then he put his head down to eat so I started to make go again and he tried to rear at me I don't know what to do for him he hates it out on the pasture but he loves grass??!!!!
  • So tell us about Amigo. Is he your first horse? How old are you? How much horse experience do you have? Just curious.

    He is being the boss by insisting upon eating grass. You interrupted him and he threw a fit. Oh well. You're the boss, after all! Let him pitch his little fit and continue making him listen to you. You might take breaks and let him eat, then put him back to work. Do you have a lunge whip? Or a training stick? Keep the pressure on him until he obeys then let off the pressure. His reward is no pressure. Then you can stop and let him eat a bit if you want but he has to do what you want him to do. Be sure to release the pressure as soon as he moves in the right direction!

    He's settling okay, he hates the barn, he hates the pasture.... Are you sure you're reading him right?

  • Yes he is my first horse. I'm 14 almost 15. Actually quite a bit I've been helping my friend with training her horses and riding. Okay and he is doing better with the pasture now I think he was just stressed and yes I was reading him right he would only stay on this platform between the barn and pasture.