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Help With canter!

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Help With canter!
  • Hi, So I moved my horses over to my house (because I own 10 acres) and honestly everything has changed! Wolfe is amazing! But one problem she hasn't cantered like ever only once but that was in a arena and where they are we don't have a round pen (yet) and the other day my dad and I were riding and, I don't remember what happened but she spooked and i fell off but i stayed on for like 8 seconds haha but i got a minor concution but my only problem is now I'm like afraid of trying to canter, I'm afraid that i will get buck off... and get really hurt, I know that when you get on a horse you sign up for anything! BUT how do I get into a canter because I haven't cantered in a LOOOOONNNNNNGGGGG time and i have no one to help!!!!!! But how should i get her into a canter?????? PLEASE HELP!!!!

    Morale: I don't know how to get my horse into a canter or like ride in one... and I'm afraid that she'll bolt and buck again! Help!
  • Have your dad put you on a lungline. Walk and trot on the line. Then when you are comfy, ask for the canter. If you don't know how to ask for the canter, use your outside leg to ask and keep your horse's nose pointed to the inside. Not a huge bend but just a slight bend to the inside.

  • Get someone with more experience to work with her in all her gaits. Sounds dangerous for you. How old are you?

  • Hahaha I'm 13, but don't under estermate that! I actually restarted her ground work because she was started wrong and now I don't have any problems!!!!!!