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Bit advice Please!

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Bit advice Please!
  • So i am looking into getting a snaffle bit for my horse to start training him on.  I am not sure if i should do the rubber training snaffle (which seems nicer on his mouth) or a french link full cheek or just a regular snaffle bit. 

    What would you guys advise? 

    It has to be cheap and I am looking to buy it off of Ebay. 
  • When I started my gelding, I got a nice, fat D-ring snaffle but after I went to a bitting clinic, learned that draft horses have very low palates and thick tongues so a thinner bit is actually a better fit for his particular mouth.  Just went to a Buck Brannaman clinic and he starts his colts in a simple loose-ring snaffle.
  • Just thought about a time I borrowed someone's horse (not that long ago). The lady left the tack out and I used it without much thought. Turns out the bit was a plastic and it was scuffed up. It was a well trained horse and he was resisting backing up so I pulled straight back because I thought he was giving me an attitude. The bit did some damage to his mouth. [':('] I felt so bad. I didn't even realize it. She forgave me. It might have been mylar?

    So beware used bits. Something to look for. 
  • You need to know what kind of mouth your horse has. "Popular" wisdom is that a thinner bit is more severe (although severity is mostly in the hands of the rider). MY horse has a 'smaller' mouth and needs a thinner bit for his comfort. Have your vet take a look at your horse's mouth and advise you regarding tongue, palate height, etc. Loose ring snaffles are better (IMO) for beginning training. I'm using a bit with a French link, although I've used just a jointed snaffle. I don't know how much training you've done so far, but I would really recommend that you train voice commands - especially "whoa" - on a longe line or even by leading with a halter rather than a bit. OH, edited to add, I prefer what is called sweet iron or something with some copper in it to help the horse salivate. STAY AWAY from chrome plated bits as they are very drying (and also the cheapest). You really don't want to go "cheap" with a bit.
  • i love horses. i like to feed them. stay with them. i want to learn how to ride my horse but it is so bully. so we are just good friends with both understanding each limitation. His name is Bigsnow.  i want to get serious with learning  to ride. how  do i begin  ?

  • I am so happy. A member of a beautiful community. It is really a  sweet dream. you see, horse here is a symbol of status. Every  prince need a horse especially for  Sallah celebrations. The highest mark is when your horse can perform some special act such as dancing, greeting the king and handsomely dressed. over twenty persons are competing for my new horse Bigsnow. My other horse call Afgani is recovering from ill health and i want to change it but the fear that it will be taken to Eastern Nigeria had discouraged me. it is brutal the way horses are killed there for meat. so i am keeping it and he seem also to know the consequences as well, as he no longer give a fight whenever he is given treatment.  i need to know my responsibility as a member of this community.

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  • hello and barka da sallah!

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