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Barrel Racing 11 yr old needs a saddle.

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Barrel Racing 11 yr old needs a saddle.
  • If anyone enjoys shopping for saddles, could you recommend a decent saddle for a young lady who is serious about her riding and will be starting barrel racing soon. I'm not opposed to Ebay at all! I know nothing about Western saddles. It would have to be used. I'm hoping for a really good bargain. Good saddle, low price.

  • I have one!

    The 14 inch (quarter horse bars) I got for the girls is for sale.

    B likes my little 13 inch  better.

  • K! I feel like Dorothy. "..in my own backyard". Hoping next month I'll be heading that way. You've spelled girls plural. How about your other girl? :)

  • Nik will be riding both Jet and Sarcee and there is a great saddle for both horses fit wise.

  • Glad I found a saddle. :)

  • I like big r of pueblo, big r is good ya. They have decent saddles and brushes.