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Western saddle repair

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Western saddle repair
  • Anyone get a western saddle repaired? Tonight I noticed the lacing that keeps the skirts together came undone.  You can see I tried to tie it back together but I doubt it will hold long. The fleece around the area has been worn since I got it but I never worried about it since it's in the back, not huge, and I figured my saddle pad should make up for any deficiencies.  There are no saddleries near by so I'll have to ship it out.  The saddle is a Hereford I bought used. The guy I got it from is a trusted friend and he guessed it to be 15-20 years old when I got it 3 years ago.
    Reidar is very hard to fit so I don't want to buy a new saddle at this point if I don't have to.  Has anyone been through this? Any idea what it may cost? Does it really need repair at this point? Is it worth it? Opinions?
  • I once had a Hereford saddle and loved it.  I am sure it is worth fixing.Here, we have harness shops because of the racetrack so getting repairs is not a major issue.  Do you have any Amish communities nearby?  Someone who works with leather and makes purses, wallets, small things that require lacing should be able to re-lace it for you.  If you are brave, get some lacing and try it yourself.  Hoping you can get a good local repair.  Rod lives in Wisconsin and has connections with the Amish community.  Not sure how close you are to each other but you are at least in neighboring states.  He might have some connections for you.
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  • Hey guys!  I took the saddle in to the nearest repair shop ( 1.5 hrs  away)  I could tell they were n't trying to laugh at me when I asked about the stitching. They fixed it on the  spot, no charge..

  • WOW!!! Worth the drive!! Keep those people in your roledex!

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