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New Saddle! So excited!

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New Saddle! So excited!
  • I just ordered my new saddle! I'm so excited. It's supposed to take a week to get here and I'm not going to be able to wait that long! Now- I just have to find a headstall and breastcollar that match! Any suggestions on where to get horn wrapping stuff? 

  • nice
  • So what is it? Where'd you get it? How much? Details, girl! We need details! 
  • Looks like beautiful leather ':)' Is it for showing your mare? How's the pregnancy going, BTW?
  • NICE!
  • Haha! Sorry for the late reply! 

    It is a Hilason Roping and Ranch saddle. I may or may not use it to show. My dad just bought my mom a really nice show saddle, bridle, reins, etc. that I plan on using. It's a 16 in. seat, full QH bars. You'll never guess how much it was!? (No cheating). 

    DanaStark- Her pregnancy is going awesome! Her belly gets bigger and bigger every day!  I don't know if I'm going to show her in it. She's not a western horse. I bought it for my 3 year old.... 
  • P.s I got it on Halloween! It's so comfortable. What better way to break it in than a 4 hour trail ride?!