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  • I just bought the Soft Saddle G2 By Cashel and I can't figure how to attach the girth! Any help out there?!
  • The one I had (earlier) required a Western cinch to attach to it. So you can attach the buckle of the cinch on one side and then use the gullet strap - is that what it's called? If you're an English rider now's the time to practice your western cinching! [':D']

    I loved my saddle. The stirrups were a pain. I replaced them with cheap endurance-type. Adjusting was enough to frustrate you. Maybe they've improved that. 
  • You might need to buy latigos-the straps attached to the rings on your saddle. You attach the girth to those.
  • It comes with those. [':)'] It's rigged western - I'm thinking the OP is English.... If that person ever comes back...