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Bareback Pads?

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Bareback Pads?
  • My horse is going to be broke to ride soon, and even though he's had a bit in his mouth and weight on his back, I've never gotten to put a saddle on him. I was wondering if a bareback pad would be a good light-weight alternative to putting on a saddle? If I got one, I would get one with stirrups on it.
  • The Cashel foam saddle is great. You'll need a western girth with it and I changed out the stirrups. I think they've done some redesign on it since I bought mine but the stirrups were a challenge to adjust. 
  • Stirrups are not a good idea on bareback pads.
    I've have three different ones.
    The one I like the best was also the least expensive of the 3.

    You should start desensitizing your horse to saddling by throwing an old saddle pad on his back a gazillion times from both sides. ( I use an old one because I end up dropping it in the dirt about a half-gazillion times)
  • Bareback pads with stirrups are great idea.
    I use this and love it : *link removed*

  • you can get a light weight bareback pad  from here *link removed*. Having very good collections of them.

    I bought from them as well.