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Texas Saddlery, Bastrop Texas?

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Texas Saddlery, Bastrop Texas?
  • I have an old saddle that I use for colts and I just love the way it is made, solid, great tree design, high quality leather, sturrip leathers hang at a great angle and its build to last.  Well I never thought about it before but now that it is getting older and has seen a great many horses I started looking for another one.  Found out they are very hard to find. 
    What I found out was the gentleman who made them for 45 yrs retired and the remaining stock sold at auction.  Anyone know where to find one of these saddles?  There is a rumor that there is a knock off brand from India that have the same logo on the saddle but are on a metal tag on the latigo keeper.  The real ones have only the stamp, Texas Saddlery Bastrop Texas on the keeper.
    I have my interest peeked now but can't find anything more on it or even how much one would sell for now.  Mine has 1980 stamped on the bottom of the keeper under the Bastrop texas stamp and is still in great shape for its age with butter soft fenders and dispit the seat being worn smooth it still has a lot of years left to it.  I'm looking to find out how much they cost and where to find one or if I can find one.  Any info would be great, even some history would be wonderful.  Thanks!!
  • Hey! I actually have a saddle with the original stamp and the number 005 on the bottom of the keeper. If you are interested in buying, I am willing to sell. Let me know if you are interested!
  • I am not Far from Bastrop. Shoot me a pm with the details and I can keep an eye out.
  • Wow.  Looks like you lucked out allready!  Finding a REALLY GOOD saddle that is actually built for work, not pleasure riding, these days is hard.  I have a couple old saddles from the 1960's still in working condition in my tack room, only I don't have horses that fit them.  But I love those saddles.  One is a Buck Steiner, another is a Saddle King, both built in Texas.  Sometimes a horse comes through my life for awhile that I can throw one of those saddles on and ride.  I always feel perfectly centered and totally connected to the horse in them.  No fancy equitation seat, no special close contact rigging, no whistles and bells.  Just a good saddle built for riding long miles in. 
  • I just bought a Texas Saddlery 16in Roping saddle... don't know anything about i other than it's rarely been used and seems to be very good quality.
    It has "2004" stamped on the latigo keeper, and a "Texas Texas Saddlery, Bastrop Texas" logo  (in a circle with a big T in the center) on the botton of the stirrup leather.
    Any ideas as to if it's real or not? Or where it could have come from?
    Thanks for any info! I'm new to western saddles.
  • I've recently found a black show saddle with "Texas Saddlery T Bastrop Texas" on the leather tag. Apparently it's from the 1960s. Now I'm trying to determine if the asking price is too high. It's in great shape! Has some wear on the straps; been stored in doors and used as decoration. I'm looking for a saddle that can be used for 4H shows and the works. Sounds like a saddle of this age will hold up... I'm leary that it might be a knock off or a fake... it does LOOK vintage.
  • Della, what's the asking price?  And does anyone know what they go for?  (-ish?)  Maybe I should look it up on ebay.
  • Just saw one on our local craigslist. A 19 inch roper for $750
  • I have a brand new Texas Saddlery 16 inch saddle. It has the large T in the circle of the stamp on the keeper and the number 411 stamped on the bottom of the keeper under the Bastrop Texas stamp.  I have had this saddle stored in doors ever since purchasing it in the 1980s.  This saddle has never been used. I am interested in selling it, please let me know if you are interested.

    I also have a used Monroe Veach saddle 16 inch.  It has some wear but is in great condition, I would also like to sell if anyone is interested.