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Aussie Saddle - Who Has One?

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Aussie Saddle - Who Has One?
  • Specifically, Kate's brand Aussie saddles or Rideabout brand Aussie.   How has the leather and stitching held up?  Girth leathers, buckles, D's and other hardware?  The underskirting?

    I love riding in the standard Aussie I have, and now I want to get a custom wide tree Australian stock saddle for Sweet P, my short and wide Haflinger.  The Western saddle I had built for her on a light draft tree just doesn't fit her ....right......  I have a better feel for her movement riding her in her sister's wide gaited horse saddle, but again it doesn't fit her just right, either....  and the wide FQHB saddles are completely wrong for her....

    So I am looking at Aussies.  I have loved the way they fit horses, the one odd Aussie I picked up a few years ago fit my high-withered Arab, fits a swaybacked old Morgan, and fits my fiancee's high-withered, wide-backed QH/TB gelding.  They stay off of the shoulder, which is where I have problems with saddle fit in all of these horses - and Sweet P - plus they give great spine clearance.

    So I am thinking that a custom wide tree Aussie with a horn and flank rigging:


    The best part is I love riding in the Aussie. 
  • I have several Aussie saddles and I love them.  There is nothing better for the trail or just pleasure riding.   One very good saddle I found is the Sydney Saddleworks Bushmaster which I have seen on eBay for less than $300. but I don't know if they are legitimate or copies.  I did buy one from a private party on eBay which I have been very happy with. It is much better made than the others I've bought.
    There is a saddle maker in Malibu, CA (aussiesaddles.com) who has a great stock of different Aussie saddles and can advise you on any special needs.  I have one called the Barcoo that I'm very happy with and it retails for about $600. His saddles range from about $300 to several thousand, so you can see a nice variety.   I have not purchased from Kates but have talked to them and friends have told me they are great to do business with.  You can get some great deals through Downunder saddles, but I had trouble with fitting and adjustments, paying quite a bit for return shipping and restock fees.  One of their most popular is the endurance saddle that goes for about $800.  It is close contact, extremely comfortable and I would have purchased it if I had a good fit.  With all of these sellers you can send wither tracings. The guy in Malibu uses the most extensive wither tracing going down the back in different spots.  Hope this helps.
  • How do I measure my horse for an australian  saddle? I have a 6 year old Appaloosa mare. She is 16.3 hands.

  • That's HUGE!!! I had an Aussie. Mine wasn't the most comfortable but only because the seat was so hard. I fell in love with them in a really comfortable one. They're so secure, too. Some cowboys use them to train horses to ride. I'd have to look up the way to measure your horse. Be sure the saddle size fits you then the tree width, etc fits your horse, imo.  

    My aussie didn't have a horn.