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Barrel saddle for Breakaway?

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Barrel saddle for Breakaway?
  • Hello! I've started roping a few months ago, and am just getting the basics down. This January is the only big rodeo that has Breakaway events in my area, so I want to enter. But I only have a barrel saddle, and I won't be doing Breakaway enough to purchase a Roping saddle.

    So my question is, Would my barrel saddle survive one run of Breakaway? I know that the coil of the rope is tied to the horn, so is a Barrel saddle horn strong enough? (If I rope the cow, that is..) =D Thanks! I just wanted to hear more opinions on this!

  • I would try to borrow a roping saddle for 1 run. Otherwise you may ruin your barrel saddle  and have no saddle.

  • Agreed