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missing tack

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missing tack
  • what am i missing for my horse in the way of tack for both disciplines? I have: western saddle,( mohair, rayon, fleece, felt, PVC cinches),1 thin saddle pad, one thick saddle pad, a leather show halter, a nylon halter, a rope halter, shipping boots, polo wraps, all purpose splint boots, show bridle, bridle, bit, show bit, western *** collar, saddle rack, helmet, an English cinch, lunge wrip , dressage ridding wrip, western flopy ridding wrip, long lead rope, short head rope, show leather lead rope, small stud chain, long stud chain, lunging rope, hay basket, sleeze neck, fly sheet, cooling blanket, thin blanket, thick blanket, fly mask,pitch fork, cherry picker, grain bin, grain contaner, 3 water buckets, western split reins, leather loop reins, rope loop reins, running martingale.
  • You don't have a cinch for English tack!  LOL j/k. You mean girth, huh?
  • yes