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bits, bridles, saddles, boots
  • Hi please excuse the spelling. I am a western rider. I ride in a 15 inch seat and a half quarter horse saddle with a thick pad. I am 4ft 8in and weigh 125 lb. My horse is gaining weight. I would like to know how to tell if the saddle is too small for him? I haven't yet figured out how to post picture so no pictures. He is in a western bridle. The bit is a standard bar bit with a low port. The sides of the bit where it connects to the bridle are turning into his cheek. I am asking if its too tight when its like that or not? Also is there a type of boot that can be used for jumping and western? Also what kind of boot would help stop his lower legs getting bruised when lunging. His feet don't smack or anything like that? His lower legs just keep hitting the metal mesh that covers the arena. Any ideas. Also if there a cheap or cheaper way to teach a horse to lunge and respond to the riders hands with out being on his back or using a cavesson training system? I just changed his bit to J.W.P sagebrush series. I already had a fitter out it will work until he gains 40lbs. I only got the other snaffle because the one I had was very rusted. He is wearing splint boots right now and I have polo#%92s. I do put them on correctly. Only said that to see if something would be better than what he is wearing currently. If there is please tell me. Never have put on the polo#%92s though or now how to put them on so. Would a cavesson help? please answer
  • Well, usually to find out if a saddle doesn't fit, we always just rode the horse, worked up a good sweat. If we took off the saddle and there were dry spots, then it didn't fit right. -shrugs- You can go into your tack store and ask about a saddle fitting for your horse. Normally, if your horse gains weight, like 40 pounds I would think that it wouldn't really affect the saddle fit except you might have to let the cinch out a little bit. If you're really worried, ask about a saddle fitting.
    For the bit, I'm not sure what you mean...maybe make the curb chain longer?? Um to post pictures, this is the way I do it, you can get a photobucket account, it's free, upload your pictures, you can set security settings so others can't see them. This will give your picture a URL, copy it and then while typing a post there is an icon next to the undo and redo icons, it looks like a picture with mountains and a sun, you click it and then paste the URL from the photobucket account into the bar. Click 'insert image' and presto! 
  • I dont have a curb chain on that bit. do i need one?
  • If it is a western headstall then yes, you do
  • ok then ill ad a chain and i checked the saddle for dry spots none.