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Gaited Saddles

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Gaited Saddles
  • Hey guys! 

    My grey horse Magoo is a Peruvian Paso Fino and from what I've read he needs a gaited saddle so he can move more freely or something like that. I've done a little research to find a nice saddle for Magoo, but they are all 1,000 dollars and up. There is no way that I could pay for a saddle that expensive right now. Maybe in a few years, but I read somewhere that it can hurt Magoo if I ride in a regular saddle? I know how to tell when a saddle doesn't fit a horse but when I start getting into the gaited part I get so lost. So my questions would be:

    1) Where can I find a good saddle?
    2) Will it hurt Magoo if I use a regular saddle until I can afford a gaited one?   

    I am using a 17lb trail saddle at the moment. I bought it so long ago I don't remember the specifics and I haven't used it on Magoo long enough to see if there are dry spots on his back. He didn't act like it hurt him any while it was on and he didn't have any sore muscles or knots on his back after being ridden in it. However, I didn't ride him very long in it. He isn't broke yet, I did a little when he was two because of a school project, but when that was done I let him be a baby. Now he is almost five and when he gets to yuma with me I intend to get him broke and rideable. So I obviously don't need the saddle right now but I'd like to know my stuff when I do go to find one.

    This is when I was doing my project and I know its a terrible picture but it's all I've got. I used a really fluffy saddle pad to avoid too much friction and saddle sores. I'll try to find a better picture lol

    Here we go, that is the saddle I have now and the one I would use to train Magoo until I could afford a gaited saddle. 
    mmm...I can't think of anything else, feel free to ask questions
    Thank you!   

  • I always rode my gaited horses with my Circle Y saddle.  Full quarter horse bars.  Never had any problems and my MFT could gait next to my friend's quarter horse when the quarter horse was cantering.  Love gaited horses.  Since Hubby has back issues, I let him ride Harley, our MFT.  The smile on his face the first time he gaited him was priceless.

    Good luck in your quest.  I have an old leather treeless saddle that is rather like a cross between a plantation saddle and a bareback pad and it works on any horse I have put it on.  Maybe a bareback pad would do after he is saddle broke and before you can see if he has a properly fitted saddle.

    Have fun.
  • You need a saddle that frees his shoulders. I would think that most any saddle that fits him correctly would work. My issue with fitting Kabarr with a saddle, in part, the same thing - he has strong shoulders (kinda wide through there). I needed to find a dressage saddle that would free his shoulders. Check around and see if there is a saddle fitter in your area either at a tack store or a saddle repair shop. Your horse's shoulder should move freely in the front part of the saddle, even with it cinched up.
  • hmm ok thanks guys for your help