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Horse Western Training

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Horse Western Training
  • I have been looking all over google, just can't find Asking for a checklist for things you need to train a horse
  • Well, how long have you been around horses. Because first thing you need to make sure is you can ride, you don't have a bad temper, you HAVE to be patient and understanding. That's the first thing you NEED to know

  • I am in a just training mode and was told to get everything I can which would help me a great deal is anything I can find on /with which includes the crop "Parelli"...there method of training is supposedly the best and that is the way I was learning from my trainer.  hope that helps

  • Well, to train a horse you need to establish a relationship first. In this way, the horse will feel comfortable with you and will follow your commands with ease. There are a lot of horse racing types, mine is harness racing  What's yours?