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How do I get my horse to lower his head set?

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How do I get my horse to lower his head set?
  • I have a video, but have no idea if I can even upload videos on this forum. Anyhow, my horse holds his head up high when I ride him and his back seems rigid. How do I work on him lifting up his back and relaxing is head/neck so he's not so stiff looking. 
  • Although contrary to my log-in, I have done a bit western pleasure training.  I use dressage principles, half-halt to rebalance, "play" a little bit with flexion ("stretching" of the neck from side to side) and bend (seeing a bit of your bridle on the inside shoulder) until he's seeking the bit.  Naturally his back should come up, and he should relax a bit more that he's rebalanced and his focus is on you.   Similar to the free walk, the horse is forward, downward, and (should) be seeking the bit.  (Although not required according to the USEF rule-book.)  I hope my minimal knowledge may help.  ':)'

  • Do some groundwork first, then work on flexing under saddle. Teach your horse to latterly flex in both directions on the ground. Then begin working on some more vertical flexing. After practice when you lift up the reins your horse should give to the bit pressure and lower his head. Repeat these exercises while riding. If you do not hove much luck, your horse may have back problems. Talk to your vet, equine chiropractor, or equine massage therapist. Your saddle may not fit properly or the horse's body is out of alignment. Another issue could be that the horse is uncomfortable in the mouth. Make sure your horse has no tooth problems, and try switching to a more comfortable bit or going bitless. I ride my horses bitless and they carry their heads much more relaxed and they are much happier about being ridden.  
  • Try somewhat more ground work with him and you, flexion and correct your balance, what your body is saying to him, please don't use a tie-down. Best wishes
  • Another thought, a horse feels the weight of a fly, your finger touch and the release is important, touch is pole lightly release when he lowers his head, on his back not working, start over with ground work. they move away from pressure, high head not relaxed and secure
  • try using a tie-down

  • also do flexes with his neck

  • Hi!  I hope this one helps.