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  • Hi I'm new to this forum so I just wanted to check in and let you know a little of the going ons in our little town in Warm Beach Washington. 

    I vollinteer at a horses rescue in Marysville Wa. Not to for from my home. We take in horses for many reason but the biggest is the ones that have had been abused starved and abandon .

    The newest one the one we named Majestic Rose a three year quarter horse who had beed rescued from a kill barn just in time to find out she was ready to foal , we picked her up Monday took her to a safe barn until we were able to bring her to our farm, Tuesday morning she gave birth to our new Angel as she is called. Rose being in the condition she was in couldn't be more of a miracle that ether of the two made it. 

    But they did Rose is now at the rescue  getting the one on one care she needs plus food and vitamins and a safe place to live.
    and Angel is at a nurse barn getting 24/7 care as well as a safe place to be cared for it was touch and go for Angel and still is but she has a lot of fight in her ! I think she gets that from her mom because she is truley a fighter.

    Of course with all of this being a non- profit rescue we have asked our horse community for help as any horse person knows vet care can be costly and let me tell you this is big, but with hard work and prayers we our hoping that any little help will come donations to our vet bills or feed bills . Thank you for letting me share my story and I will keep you all updated and get pics up loaded soon. Farmgirlusa 
  • Happy story! Thanks for all you do. My critters are all rescues. Dogs & horses. My pound kitties mysteriously vanished when I lived in MS where there are copious amounts of coyotes. I'm in CT now awaiting a home where I can have my horse and the other dogs. Trying to be patient.... 
    Welcome. Don't be a stranger. Looking forward to photos & updates.