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Bareback and Bridleless!

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Bareback and Bridleless!
  • Well- I'm going to attempt to steal my mom's stallion. I was given the task to start him in reining and get him ready to show next year. He is a coming 6 year old who acts like a 20 year old gelding. For the heck of it, I got on bareback with just a bridle to see what he knew... We walked, trotted, and cantered... Then I did the thing in movies where they take the bridle off while sitting on the horse and hold it out to the side then toss it... We did some pivots, walked, trotted, and cantered both ways and in the end, did a flying lead change. He was awesome! Can't wait to show him! Watch out other 14 year olds on your professionally trained mares and geldings. I'm coming with no tack and a stallion! 
  • You should post a video! Sounds impressive!
  • Been there, done that; when I was 14 to 19 on my blue roan. Walk, trot, canter, sliding stops and rollbacks. Pat Parelli isn't as hot as he thinks he is. I was doing that before he was. (seriously - because I'm older than he is)
  • It's not the best quality but here's a pic. I'll try to get a video later ':D'