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Western show tips??

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Western show tips??
  • I'm participating in a show this coming weekend.. wondered if anybody had good tips or tricks to help me out :) I'm really new to this whole thing, and don't know a whole lot about it. I like things that i can do to improve the horse's look without spending much money, like i read somewhere that if you dillute rubbing alchohol with water and spray it over your horse, then wipe it off with a towel, it works just like show sheen! Also any tips for myself... like i said, i really don't know much about it!
  • We've got some show moms here.  I'm more English and haven't shown in years.  Okay, decades. [':)']  Everyone's so busy.  Maybe a lurker can help you out. 

    I've used WD40 in manes and tails before, more to help detangle but it leaves a nice glisten.  I've also used it on my puppy when she was a baby for puppy mange.  It really works well!! The vet did a scraping and was astounded how few mites he found.  The ones that were there weren't very healthy!  (talk about scary looking under a microscope)  Oops.  I'm about to hijack your thread.
  • If you are looking for cheap, elbow grease is the best.  A poorly conditioned coat is still going to look poor with product, it'll just be shinny too!! 
    I am not a fan of a lot of product, but I do like to do a trace clip on the face, and any while on legs. ( unless you have a grey, or maxi white paint) 
    for hooves I use easy off oven pads while in the wash rack, then when hooves are dry use sandpaper to remove any remaining dirt.  and rubbing alcohol to finish it off, I don't use polish, but like I said not a huge fan of a lot of product. 
    Is there something specific you are looking for?  That will give me/us a better idea than a blanket question.
  • Well I think that you should get mircale groom it works like show sheen gets stains out and detangles it is by for the best thing that i have spent my money on so far!  and get a fake tail that makes the judges look at you more
  • definately use show shine!!!!! it improves the horses all around look!

  • Don't spend tons of money on towels for your horses eyes, nose and face, I use old socks that I can't use anymore. It has save me so much money than rather buying expensive show towels.

    One product I would recommend for those stubborn dirt spots on your white markings is Farnam's green spot this stuff works wonders on  my cremello gelding.