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Riding at Golden Hills Mo

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Riding at Golden Hills Mo
  • We decided to go back to a place we hadnt been since about 12 yrs ago. Had a beautiful weekend and camp ground all to ourselves! Lots of great trails have been added and same wonderful couple( Chuck and Kay Golden) own and run it. Lots of steep up and down hills which are so much fun to ride!
    Some of the trails follow Big Creek and great rock formations!
    There are several caves and one you can ride into

    Only thing on the way back to camp a llama had a lot of fun. All he had to do was stand at the fence and Cay just knew he was going to be eaten. Had a big white head and brown body. Know the llama enjoyed it!!
  • Glad you had a good time. We have never been to Golden Hills, but would like to check it out someday. I never knew that the Golden part of the name was because the owners last name is Golden. We are heading to Cross Country Trail Ride Oct 1, so will be in that same general area.
    Always love riding in MO this time of year.
  • Looks like a great ride.  Are there any bees over there?  Wonderful pics, thanks for sharing.  I looked it up just to see how far away it was.  About 5hr drive so I won't get to go anytime soon.  Darn!!
  • Sounds like a fun place to ride. This forum is frustrating because it won't let me see pictures -- they turn out microscopic. Grf.
  • Coming out of the Uintas Labor Day weekend, I ran into the back country forest service ranger.  He had two Llamas packing his gear. I made a point to stop and get my horses close to the Llamas so they would see and smell them.  We got each of them about 5 feet away from the Llamas.  It was no big deal for any of my guys. They were more antsy about keeping moving back down the  trail toward the trailer than worried about a couple of creatures tied to a tree.  When I run into opportunities to expose my horses, I try and take them.  The more my horses see, the better.  The scariest thing they have every run into in the mountains was a woman on a camel.
  • That is the funny thing about this. We have ran into people hiking in Colo with Llamas under leads and horses really didnt pay them any attention. All this guy did was stand at the fence next to the trail and Cay didnt like him one bit. On any given day.............! We were riding in OKla one time and an ostrich was running alongside the trail on the other side of the fence and that was interesting too! I am sure a camel would get their attention.
  • [quote=Painted Horse]
     The scariest thing they have every run into in the mountains was a woman on a camel.

    Had you just gotten off of Willie's bus when you saw that camel? [8D]