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Lake Perris perimeter ride

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Lake Perris perimeter ride
  • My hubby, friend, Michelle and I went on a ride at Lake Perris today and ended up riding the whole perimeter which took 4+ hours.  It was wonderful weather and the horses handled the sometimes precarious footing coming down the mountain to the dam really well.  We did several wooden bridges which Cody has never done and he went without hesitation and we rode across the top of the dam which is over 2 1/2 miles long.  The water was beautiful and although I'm a bit sore from that long in the saddle, it was a great day!
    The fields at the top of the lake

    Checking out some pictographs from the local Native Americans

    Gary on Tahoe, his first ride since his horse back accident in July.  Tahoe was wonderfully behaved.

    The rock formations are amazing around the lake.  You get a better idea of the perspective
    by seeing the picnic tables at the bottom.

    Crossing bridges on the way up

    My friend was a little afraid at times when there were drops or the trail was narrow
    and made of boulders but Spirit didn't take a wrong step.

    Gary got off on the dam to walk and stretch out his knees.

    Michelle and Spirit

    Didn't get any pictures of me today but here's my beautiful boy :)

    The horses all ready to go, enjoying the view of the lake below us.

  • That lake is beautiful.  The trail rugged and the three horses and riders did a beautiful job.
  • Wow! beautiful ride. I love Spirit. (partial to spots)
    Hubby no helmet?
  • DH-I know..... I offered him one and he chose not to..... Sigh..... you'd think 3 days in the hospital and 24 hours of lost memory would do it...... Luckily, Tahoe was being really cooperative other than refusing to lead..... We said it was a conspiracy between Tahoe and Spirit to let Cody go first because then the lions and tigers will eat him and they'll get a way!!
    I didn't get any pictures of the more rugged parts 'cause I was busy trying not to interfere with my horse but looking back at the "trail" from down below, it doesn't look like there is a trail!!  Good thing my horses are billy goats ':)'
  • Tahoe is to Dana what Tonto is to DaneHaven.  Wonderhorses.  Amazing recoveries they both went through.  I love to see Tahoe and Kelly! What a team.
    Never rode in CA, sadly enough.  I went to Lake Perris but not frequently.  Living at Lake Elsinore, we weren't that far away, if I remember right.
    I love the pictures! Now I know why your hip is acting up!
  • OMG, so freaking jealous! I have not had a real trail ride in FOREVER!!!! And look at those blue skies!
  • Just saw this now and and jealous you have people to ride with. . .and a neat place to ride. Reminds me of Arizona.
  • It's so nice to have Spirit so I can invite people to ride with me ':)'  We have a camping trip booked for April when we're on Spring Break ':)'