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Harford Nature Preserve 12/26

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Harford Nature Preserve 12/26

  • Kelly on Tahoe

    Best view in the world :)


    Riding buddy on her new TWH
  • .....so warm and sunny! Beautiful pictures, what a nice post-Christmas ride!
  • Thanks! Nothing near as gorgeous as your area but it's what we've got around here and we are loving the weather ':)'  Supposed to get up to 78 today!  Did hills yesterday and got the horses nice and sweaty.  Heading up to the park again tomorrow morning.  Need to get pictures of some of the rock formations in the park.  One year we rode by rattlesnakes mating on a rock!
  • Looks like a really nice ride.  I wonder if that's the place Bonnie showed me....
  • No, that would be Hidden Valley near her.  She's ridden up in Harford Springs with me though!  She rode Cody ':)'