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Anyone ride around Sliver Lake, Oregon?

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Anyone ride around Sliver Lake, Oregon?
  • Heading that way this week rain or shine to explore the area with my husband. There's a few horse camps in the area so we thought we'd check it out. Any news - Ol'Bean?
  • I am late getting in here so you have probably gone and come home already?
    I have not been to this area but would be interested in your experiences there!!
    You and Husband might be interested in Crescent Lake area. Horse camp is Whitefish H.C. which is about 1/4 mile from lake..Beautiful lake..
  • Ol Bean it was awesome, and we are going back! >Horse camp at Silver Creek Marsh for $6 /night, big 16 x 16 corrals (I think there are 10 in the whole camp). Horses drink from a stream flowing near the horse camp, we were there at the literal end of dry season (first preciptation) and there was clear clean water. People water from a hand pump, kinda brackish (but tested) - might have something to do with the rain. Cleared up in a Brita filter...... >Trails everywhere. From camp you can ride up to the summit of Mt Hagar 'the long way' or just poke around like we did on the west flank. Or you can ride east to another series of trails that take you higher... >We loaded and hauled the horses around to the E. flank of Mt Hagar, and rode a 12-mile round trip to the summit of Mt Hagar and back down from the Farm Well campground. There are a few corrals at Farm Well (4 or 6), not as private feeling but nice grassy area and a couple of small lakes/ large ponds there. .... >Also saw folks with horses highlined at some of the primitive camp areas, so if you have a water supply for yourself (creek for horses) you can camp about anywhere along there...... >You can ride across the country without trails, too. Very open in the lower places.
  • Sure looks is beautiful there..Wonderful pictures.. 
    How Long were you there??
  • We spent 4 days there and wished we had more. Found more trailheads and trail markers. The trails are not well mapped, but they are there and its beautiful country. Would be great to explore in the spring, before it gets real hot and dry. Was pretty chilly (as you can see) the week we were there, but it was chilly all over the state that week.
  • beautifull pics I might have to check it out! Only made it to Flying M, Nehalem Bay state park and Rheers camp this year and now I need to trade my trailer away for a bigger one now that I aquired a Draft. All were great fun but I'm hopefull there will be more trips next year.