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Hardware Ranch

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Hardware Ranch
  • Hardware Ranch is a state owned ranch in Northern Utah. It's about an 90 minute drive from my home. The department of wildlife operates it as a winter safe haven for the resident elk herd. They feed the ek during the winter months in an effort to attract the elk to thei land vs letting them forage on neighboring farms.
    During the summer they allow grazing permits to graze cattle on the hills around the ranch and they cut the grass hay in the bottoms ans store it for the elk in the winter. Since it's state own or public land it's open for pubic use.
    We parked at where Rock creek crosses the highway and headed up.  I had not ridden in this area for about 12 years. So I was excited to renew my knowwledge of the area.
    Hay fields

    It was cold enough in the morning that we had jackets on as we left the trailer.

    The trailer heads uphil from the road.

    You immeadiately find yoursef riding amongst hills covered in wild flowers.

    Lots of natural water for the horses to drink and for us to school horses on crossing

    It didn't take long for the sun to warm us and we stripped off the jackets

    We stopped by a nice stream and eate lunch

    As we continued on the hills got steeper and we climbed up out of the sage and juniper into the maples and eventually into the quakies and firs.

    In the upper reaches it was very lush and green.

    It was an all day ride. we covered 20+ miles. 

  • Fantastic Pictures!
  • MAN!  Makes me want to move to Utah!  How about you, Liz?  [':D']
    AND I love the pictures, too!!! 
    What's your black horse?  That must be a wonderful place to have.  I bet it gets plenty of snow! 
    OH, and you must be one of the original forum members!  It's nice to see you!  It's nice seeing BOTH you cowboys, right?  That's not you in the picture, but it's you in the avatar?  And the guy in the picture is? 
  • The black horse is my main ride. He is a 6 year old Foxtrotter that I have raised here at my place.  ( The buckskin filly is his little sister)  The black horse is 16hh and has a strong personality. The buckskin filly is 15hh and really laid back, I can put anybody on her.  She is a follower and rarely leads out.  But I'm going to work on that this summer. The black horse has finally become a real horse this past year. When I started working him as a 4 year old, I had my hands full.  I never knew when, but I knew somewhere in my ride, he would throw a temper tantrum and buck a few times with me. But he is becoming very dependable now.
    The fellow riding the Buckskin is my neighbor.  I occassionally take him along for a ride. He loves the horses but had one go over a cliff 4 years ago and he broke his back in 5 places.  He still takes a lot of oxycotin for the pain, So we have to be carefull about what we ride. No rowdy horses for him. Of course he is in all the photos because I had the camera. I'm the guy in the chinks by the red horse trailer.
  • [quote=Painted Horse] I'm the guy in the chinks by the red horse trailer.
    VERY nice picture! [':D']
    Something about that horse.  It looked like the TWH, STB, MFT variety.  Lovely.  I hope your friend has a safe, full season of trail riding.  You're a good neighbor.

  • PH,Great lookin country. What is the closest city/town?? Nice to be able to have your friend with ya and still ridin. We went out over the weekend and packed about 8 miles in, stayed the night ..lots of rain. I bought a Cabelas outback lodge ,what a great tent. it never leaked a drop and it weighs only 16 lbs. We went in to find a hunters camp that he left last fall and see what it would take to pack it out for him, he busted up a leg somehow and left everything.The snow wrecked his wall tent beyond repair, but most everything else is worth bringin out.We will head back when the weather lets up and trails dry out.
  • A couple of headin out pics..
  • It has been raining all week. I am sooooo ready for summer.
    I've done a few rides into back country camps, where I really wondered if I should just get back in the truck and drive home.   One year we debated and finally decided we had driven to far and got on the horses.  The light drizzle turned to snow and by time I got to camp we had 8" on the ground.  It was wet and misserable that night, but the next day the sun came out and it was a gorgeous couple of days that followed.
    So how many people can you sleep in your new tent?
    We set our wall tent up in Sept and leave it until Halloween. We've had the snow collapse it once.


  • Go through Hyrum Utah and take Hiway 101  ( East) up Blacksmith Fork.  When the pavement ends you are there.
  • Man that looks like a fantastic ride, what gorgeous country, sure beats what I look at everyday!  Y'know it seems you can find all the best places 'where the pavement ends.'
  • Beautiful country and Great pictures... Thank You!!!
  • Absolutely gorgeous pictures!  Thank you for sharing.
  • Wow, Painted.  That looks like a Christmas card.  I hope you realize how many of us would LOVE to be able to do that!