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Trail Horse Etiquette, Trail Tips, General Guidelines for Trail Horse Obstacles

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Trail Horse Etiquette, Trail Tips, General Guidelines for Trail Horse Obstacles
  • Here is helpful link, web page, for trail horse riders. Long reading, but good information at one site. 
     Trail Riding Tips, Etiquette, Guidlines for Trail horse Obstacles for competitive trail riding, and Trail Boss Tips for those leading a trail ride.  
    What is your favorite tip to give to new trail riders?  Or "pet peeve?"
  • Relax!!  Pet peeve, when people suddenly take off behind you and zoom past you.
  • I have the same Pet Peeve. Because of this we typically will not do big public rides anymore.

    When people do this they have no clue the experience of the horse and/or rider that they are coming up on. We were at a ride that was for a GREAT cause, but had people doing this all the time and our horses would end up spinning around, backing into ditches and just totally freaking out. VERY RUDE and can be VERY dangerous.

    This was also the 1st, and only, time I saw a big boom box strapped on a horse that was blaring music. When I ride I want to hear nature, not someone else's blasting music.  I was also amazed how how many drunks were riding!
  • Had something similar happen when we went camping with the friend of a friend.  We're riding along and she pulls out her little transistor radio, cranks it up and starts wailing along. I'm trying to enjoy the scenery, the hawks flying overhead, the sound of the horses' feet along the trail....... sigh..... city folk!
  • Hey, not all city folk are like that! [':)']
  • Please do not run up my horse's butt.  No, I may not have a red ribbon on his tail but if you piss him off he's gonna kick you anyway.