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Jim Edgar Panther Creek Wildlife Area,Il

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Jim Edgar Panther Creek Wildlife Area,Il
  • We had beautiful,clear,sunny weather last weekend, no on calls at work and no family obligations, so we hurried up and loaded the horses up and took off while the gettin was good!!This place isnt the mtns,or the Ozarks, but it is a fun ride. Lots of up and down hills to work the horses muscles and lots and lots of gaitin!CG is nice not all crowded together,elec at sites, but water hydrants dispersed thru camp so try to get a site close to it. Hitch lines for the horses.There are three loops you can ride altogether for 26 miles plus 14 overlooks from 40yds to 400yds off the trail so you can gait back and forth on them and make it longer!
    Sherry and Diesel on the trails




    One of two bridges on the trail




    Our camp security- Chio

    Hope everyone had a great weekend. It is amazing you can come home dirty and tired but sooo relaxed and can handle the week ahead!![;)]
  • I like Sherry's riding pants!  Spiffy! [':)']

    Diesel is such a purdy boy!  I'd like to have seen one of your horse (and you!).  Camera shy?
    LOVE your rig!  VERY nice!  I'll try not to envy that!

    It's so cool you guys get out and ride together.  You're a great mom!!

    AND how old is Chio?  He's a beauty!
  • THe bank loves horse people...start out with a trailor and a truck... then a bigger trailor and then a bigger truck to pull it and around and round we go...[';)']But thats another story... Chio is almost 3 and he really is a great camper!
    Really blessed that we both love to ride as much as we do and to have a daughter who is also your best friend. Gets no better than that![';)']
    I try to keep a firm grip on the camera but once in awhile she gets it.LOLThis is at the end of one of the overlooks altho you really cant tell that