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More pix from Mt Zirkel Wilderness Colo

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More pix from Mt Zirkel Wilderness Colo
  • These are on the Red Canyon trail






  • Wow that's beautiful country!  Second and third picture - what kind of horse is that dark one?  I'm guessing TWH?  And that's you in the last picture?  Are you on a gaited horse?  MFT?  Just guessing. 

    I'd love to have a place like that to ride!  I do have some good places, though.
  • Hey Gal, You are good, That is my daughter on the dark(Black in winter) Twh and last one is me on sorrell MFT> They are really awesome on the trails. We are lucky enuff to ride out west in the summer. Missouri has some pretty country too, tho, and a longer riding season than the mtns. Tenn is awesome,too. Love the Smokies!!
  • Well you must have said that before but the TWH is almost a no brainer with that head.  That's OLD school TWH, not the refined little pansy faces they are breeding now! [':D']  I love him!!! 

    Do you travel all over to ride?  The Smokeys are a fur piece from Misery!  [':D']
  • We have been very fortunate to travel and ride. My daughter is a nurse and saves her vacation up. We usually end up out west, but have rode east,too, as it is beautiful. We hiked the Smokies a couple yrs before we got horses and were fortunate to meet an older gentleman who grew up there and took us riding thru the Natl Park and knew all the history and it was great! Havent taken our own horses there yet, but have been to Big So Fork with them. You live in a beautiful area!!