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Trail Riding and Horse Camping in the Northwest..( Oregon & Washington )

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Trail Riding and Horse Camping in the Northwest..( Oregon & Washington )
  • Sometimes I've noticed we get orchard that has white and green twine. The load we just got is definitely not weed-free! Has some chunks of foxtails in it.... threw those in the trash can. Don't need anymore foxtails than we already have!!
  • A link to the page regarding weed free hay:http://www.oregon.gov/ODA/plant/weeds/Pages/weedfreeforageprogram.aspx If it will post, a picture of the twine they must use.
  • Guess I have made it back?  I am not use to the site yet..took me a couple days to get signed back in...felt like I was chasing my tail the first day....Eydie and I will be at Sheep Springs Horse Camp mid June again...

  • Well my friends are at Sheep Springs this week.. I had  a medical problem which has kept  us from going with horses but we are driving up Friday to see the gang ..maybe pictures> We are taking them a lunch.... Really wanted to be there all week.. Have had reservations since January 1, 2014.. Eydie and I will be there in September  which we have reservations for too..

  • I seem to have lost my avatar.. so have substituted  a picture of Toby and I.. He's such a Good Boy..

  • Well after having made reservations for Sheep Springs Camp for June 14 thru 21..2014 back on 1-1-2014...Had to cancel  week before we were set to leave for Sheep Springs.. I had some health issues to iron out.. this was a huge disappointment for both my wife and  I.. Things are straightened out now except for one more visit with doctor this coming Monday..  So Now we will be off to SS in September which also has become an yearly trip for us.. We have been going there twice a year for 8-9 years now  and  always enjoy being there...

  • Sorry  you had to cancel but glad you weren't on the trail with medical issues.

  • Well September  didn't work out for us either... No medical problems..

  • Hmmm.... I guess it's pretty cold where you are right now. I'll be in Texas TODAY!!  *happy dancing* and it's FREEZING there right now. That is okay. I needed an excuse to buy long johns. I'm in GA and it's chilly here, too.

  • Olebean it's really good to see you and I hope you stop by more often.

  • Hi folks, We call Free Horse and Ranch Ads home in Central Oregon as well. Check out our listing site for your next event or horse recreation business.  "From Our Ranch Country To yours"

  • It has been a long while since I have posted anything here.. Am doing fine.. and I see I still have not  figured this site out completely Yet!!

  • I was excited to see you then realized how many years ago I was reading!  Then I hoped I'd get to the end and see that it was you who revived this thread. So glad you're well.  Had much saddle time lately? Not me. I'm back in CT and my horse is in KY. Makes for a long commute.

    What I normally do here is click on the big orange HORSE.COM logo at the top and it brings up the most recently posted threads of any category. It's very slow moving these days. Mostly a few regulars stopping by to say hello - usually every day.

  • OleBean here.. still  alert and frisky!!

    Lost my prized horse Toby  last fall and feel really lost without him.. He was more like a pet dog than a horse..

    I couldn't work on fences in pasture  without him trying to help me... He loved to look my tools over especially my hammers?  nothing I did was too boring for him not to watch and try to help.. Bless you Toby!!

    My Wife Eydie and I were talking about the horses we've owned and  We both picked Toby as our favorite one... Great thing about this is,.... is that

    we have so many happy memories of him and just the mention of the name Toby brings smiles to our faces!! He was a good friend..

    Summer went by in a flash. weather cooler than last year but warm enough for me.. Had a few showers the last few days reminding us it is Oregon..

    All is well here.. sure wish it was spring coming instead of fall and winter...  

    Remember...Life is short so Ride your best horse first..

  • I lost a few really good horses last year.  One of them was my 'best horse' too.  She loved her job and never forgave me for retiring her.  Poor River had ringbone and back problems so bad she could hardly hobble around her stall and the paddock.  Still she wanted to pull the carriage even though the pain was obvious.  Had to put her down even though she was largely in good health and it broke my heart to do so.  Such a good girl!

    Glad to see you again, OleBean.  Nice to hear from someone out here on the Left-Coast.