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Trail Riding and Horse Camping in the Northwest..( Oregon & Washington )

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Trail Riding and Horse Camping in the Northwest..( Oregon & Washington )
  • So what did you do to get your Avatar back?
    Mines missing also
  • On the avitar... I went into my profile removed avitar-red X and reinstalled new avitar from my computer.. which is actually the same as the old one..
  • Clay...if you do get a chance to stop by Sheep Springs on the 12th, we won't be there yet. We won't get there until the 13th. But if you do stop at the camp introduce yourself to the big bear of a guy in site #8. His name is Jim. He has grey hair and beard and a big booming voice (he's a bit hard of hearing). His wife won't be there until Saturday also. And if there are Idaho plates in #6, that would be Lyn and Larry.
    It's a very nice camp. We want to get back there again this summer. I just have to check out the vacation schedule at work (some of us still do that!) and see what's open...then see what's open at camp. I love my job and am very thankful for it but I must admit that retirement is sounding better all the time.
    Maybe one of these days we'll all get the chance to sit around the campfire and visit again.
  • Thanks Eydie for the invite. Looks like were going to miss each other on this one. Tell Ron, he gets lucky on the steak, or P&J sammy I was going to collect! Just kidding. As for retirement....don't belive those that say they had to go back to work "cuz. they didn't have anything to do"!
    Your going to love it....Take care and have a " safe one" on your camp out and trail ride. Tell Ron, no piling into the trees this year allowed. :&gt';)'
  • Sorry we all can't make another meeting this time.. Sure would have been nice if we could have got to meet up again!!Maybe next time...
    Been checkin in on Tommy Overstreet music.. Seems theres a new cd out...But I like his great old music too... Amazing I didn't know he lived in this area..Have to Thank You Clay for the heads up on that one!!

    Lots of trees blown down at Sheep Springs this past winter.. Trails were opened by OET... pictured are Eydie and one ofour dogs Polly....
  • Hey there Ole Bean what do ya know!
  • Howdy Dan.. How are you and what have you been up to??
    All is well with me... Was at Sheep Springs in June and I think we will be there in Sept too.
    Visited Santiam Horse Camp on Sunday and also visited Big Meadow Horse Camp same day..Both off of Hwy. 22....

    My "Toby"..... I keep coming back !!!! Hes much dirtier today...

    Other side of Toby... and one of my puppers Ritz....
  • Hi there!  Toby is SOOO nice looking!  Great markings! 
  • Happy New Year!!!!!    Another year for camping and trail riding.
    Two campouts planned so far...Sheep Springs in Central Oregon in June and Nehalem Bay on the coast in July.
    Thinking about and planning camping trips keeps me from dwelling on depressing stuff...like cleaning.
    Have a great year!!!!!!!
  • Oh!  Happy New Year!  Sounds like fun! 
  • Yepper....Eydie and I will be at Sheep Springs near Camp Sherman on the 13th of June to the 19th.... Our group has sites 4-5-7-8-9-10-11.....some arrive on the 12th some 13th... All will have fun!!!

    Maxcine at Sheep Springs...