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Camp Wilkerson & Banks-Vernonia trail - Oregon

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Camp Wilkerson & Banks-Vernonia trail - Oregon
  • Anybody rode either of these?  West of Portland in the foothills of Columbia County. 

    Camp Wilkerson has stock corrals and some trails


    and the Banks-Vernonia trail is nearby, it sounds interesting, maybe good wintertime riding.

  • When you go, we expect pictures!! [':)']

  • We live just north of Vernonia and ride parts of Banks-Vernonia trail.. picture above is taken at Buxton Station on B-V Trail..
    L.L. 'Stub' Stewart State Park is also on this trail.. There is a full hook up horse camp at Stub Stewart..

    Have more pictures.. Had many of them on this site BEFORE it crashed and burnt... 
    We have visited Wilkerson but not rode there.. new horse camp there.. Our Columbia County
    Chapter of OET has done a lot of work at Camp Wilkerson...
  • In near future the 'Trail will go from Vernonia over the hills to Scappoose and the Multnomah Channel....This will add another twenty some miles...
  • Thanks for the update!  Definitely plan to ride there this fall/winter.  We checked out the OSU trails near Corvallis the other weekend, (I think that was the Dunn/McDonald (?) Forest?), lots of little loops but a decent place for a day trip.  Took about 45 minutes to get there.  Want to check out Silver Falls state park next.

    Last weeks ride near Corvallis:

    (yes, Sweet P has no tail.  She's the one that had the Tail Wrap incident at the mule breeder's this spring)

    gettin a li'l bowlegged these days after a few hours in the saddle!