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Idaho Spring Time--Finally

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Idaho Spring Time--Finally
  • My horses are all barefoot.  All 8 of the horses in the Bryce Canyon photos are barefoot.
    My black Gelding is 16 hh and the Buckskin Mare is 15hh. So they do make my daughters look smaller. Although those two daughters are in the 5'5" 5'7" range.
    I store my photos on Photobucket. There are two ways to embed the picture.  Photobucket has 4 options below the stored photo. Email and IM, Direct Link, HTML, and IMG Code.  If you chose the Direct Link option you will need return to this screen ( I keep two screens open, one with this forum and one with Photobucket)  So go to the Photobucket ( or most any other photo server website) and copy the direct link address to you clipboard. return to this forum and click on the insert image icon in the toolbar across your message post screen. (It's number 6 from the left and looks like a small mountain with the sun shinning in the corner)  This will open a dialog box that says insert image.  PASTE your address from your clipboard into that space and say OK.  The photo will now be in your post.
    the other option that I use more often is to choose the IMG code from Photobucket. and I just paste it directly into the post.  No need to find the little insert image icon.
    We rode this past weekend in the rain up on the South Slope of the Uinta Mountains.

    So how come you are packing a rifle and a hogleg in your photo? I often pack a pistol because I've had to put a horse or two down over the years, but it's too much weight and baggage to pack a rifle when it's not hunting season.
  • Ride2much, Your pictures are beautiful and your daughter is beautiful, as well. Thanks for sharing your rides with us.
  • Thanks,QH
    PH, Ridin and doin a little bear huntin at the same time.. We also went for a Memorial day ride. Check out the little guy we found and carefully skirted.
  • and....
  • I'm sure Momma wasn't very off watching.   He's gotta be rpetty new not to jump up and bound off.
    I see your qaukies are just starting to leaf out. Probably around 7500 foot elevation?
    So did you find any bear?  I need to try a spring bear hunt once.  I've been out looking for a Turkey