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Idaho Spring Time--Finally

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Idaho Spring Time--Finally
  • My new horse , We went for his first ride ,he is a keeper, look out Idaho mountains..yippeee
  • Great looking country!!!
  • I know the feeling. I got out last weekend and rode in Bryce Canyon.  We've had so much bad weather, I just never could get away. But the good weather is finally here.  And I think my colt has finally turned into a horse.  He behaved great, no stupid teenage horse tricks.


  • My goodness, Bryce Canyon, sooo jealous!
  • OHHH.. do you live down near Bryce?  That is where I will be for the summer... June July and August. Maybe we can do a trail ride???  I will be in St. George. 
  • No I'm north of Salt Lake. So it was a several hour drive for me to run down for weekend .
    St George hit it's first 100* daytime temp of the season  this week.  There is not a chance in world that you will catch me in that town during the summer. We ride down that way in the winter months, but we head for the high country when summer comes.
  • A Saturday afternoon ride with my daughter.
  • A couple more...
  • PaintedHorse...if I were brave I would come back in my next life as you! My gosh, you ride in the most beautiful country.
    Ride2Much...great shots! Still looks a bit on the cool side but a great day for a ride. We have friends in Mt. Home. Sometimes I envy them the desert and open spaces. We have lots of mud and trees here in NW Oregon.
  • Glad to see you out with your daughter.  Is she home from school now.
    My 19 year old is done with school, but is working too much to get out and ride with me .  I did get my 15 & 16 years old to spend the weekend riding with me in Bryce.  I want them to have memories of great rides with their dad.
    Heading down into the canyon

    Lunch stop and fooling with the horses

    I got lots of photos of the back of their heads.

  • oh gosh what pretty trails! Trail riding is definitely my favorite!

  • PH, good to hear from you, hope you wintered well,  The daughter that is ridin with me is my youngest,she graduates HS on tues. Both daughters will be home Memorial day for a horse ride and picnic.  Keep them girls riding they will be gone before you know it...
  • Went for a long ride today.whew !!! The best tired I have felt in along time,and finally someone else had a camera, I have myself in a few pics..
    PH,How the heck are you embedding your pics in your post , instead of attachments????
  • I think you can embed by putting photobucket img links in your reply. 
    I'm hoping my reply will magically enlarge the photos so I can see them. [>:]  Such a pain.....
    Still, I was wondering if you got a chance to email Ex_Racers, who is no longer on this board.  [:@]  She is in Idaho - I think she said she's right near you!  I wish I were up that way!!  Cuz I'd like to be her neighbor, too!!
  • THAT'S what I'm talkn' about!  (I can see the pictures now)  Gorgeous!  I bet all those horses have shoes on, too, huh?  Those horses look HUGE beside those girls PH!!  [':)']