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Bay Creek Ride (Shawnee National Forest)

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Bay Creek Ride (Shawnee National Forest)
  • Left Friday morning about 7 and drove down to Bay Creek Campground in Shawnee National Forest.  I really like that camp ground, its quiet and clean and the owners are pretty nice compared to some down there.  Had some great weather and NO BEES!!!!  I was sooo happy not to run into those little beasts.

    Stopped to rest at Crows Knob.  There are tie lines there and a path to climb up on the rock bluff.  Really pretty.  Shadows wondering if we can go home yet.  He was such a good boy all weekend and only buggered at one thing.  They had been working on some of the trails there and just beyong the new gravel was a roll of black foam stuff that they are putting down under the rock.  He thought it was going to eat him of course!

    Rode over to the lake and down below the dam.  This is below the spillway where the water has erroded the soil back to reveal some amazing rock formations.

    Amost every creek looks like this down there.  We stopped and rested the horses here letting them get a good drink and loosened the cinchas.  This place is named Snake hole and is right on the River to River trail.

    This is the river to river trail going to Crows knob.  It was beautiful.  There was a light breeze blowing through the pines and the sound of it is something that never leaves you. 

    Here is one of my favorate pictures that I took.  Its up on Crow knob and there is just something about it I just love.  It was so warm up there on those rocks.  I could have stayed there all day.

    The riding was great and it really makes a horse watch their feet in all those rocks.  Phil took his little mare Dually and she did really well for her first time down, though she did lay down with him in one of the creeks.  Just dropped herself right down in the deepest spot then stood up with a look on her face like, "What? why is everyone looking at me like that?"  Phil got pretty wet.
    Shadow was happy to be home after all that riding.  Hes not use to riding over 3 hrs at a time around here but between both days we logged in 12 hrs in the saddle.  I loved every minute of it and would have rode the third day if it hadn't been for Phil being too sore.  Hope to go back one more time this year. 
  • That looks like fun.  Your forest are so different from ours out west.
    But variety makes life intersting.
  • Makes me want to BE there!
  • How beautiful!  We have tons of rocks around here like that, minus the water and green ':)'  Thanks for sharing.  Wish we were closer and I'd join you!!
  • *jumps up and down like a small child*
    You ma'am were only 2 hours away from me!!!!
    Thats what all the trails in or near ky/Ill/In look like. Pretty isn't it?
  • [quote=hunterseat]

    Makes me want to BE there!

    OK you start driving and pick me up on the way. XD

  • Great photos...so serene and cool.  My mare would have spent her time looking for lions, tigers, and bears.  lol
    Glad you had a great weekend.
  • Those pictures make me want to go back to Shawnee. It has probably been 10 years since we were there. It is definintely a beautiful area. Glad you had a good time. Thanks for sharing your pictures!
  • Youll have to pack up and go with me sometime!  Always welcome a new friend to ride with. 
    Of course if Hunter ever gets up this way I will take her too!  I have a new dutch oven recipe....
  • HEY!  I WILL be in the St. Louis area!  You know Broken A is moving about an hour west of there (no Liz, trainer's not an ax-murderer).  I'm going to be helping! [':)']  Hmmm.... what if I start out a day or so early and swing on by? [8|]
  • LOL no I ment I have a new potato recipe for my dutch oven!! I love to cook when I camp just so long as someone else does the dishes I'll cook about a big a meal as you can stand.  LOL  You are more than welcome to swing by anytime and no I didnt' know that Broken was moving.  Where is she moving too?