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Idaho Lake

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Idaho Lake
  • My daughter and I took a day trip into one of my favorite Lakes, pretty steep climb ,but well worth it..Didn't catch a fish, losin the touch I guess. Plenty of snow up high, but nice and warm.perrrfect..needed some weight to put on my colt, so we took the kitchen sink.
  • Caught me fishin???
  • I need to come up and join you for a weekend ride.  But there is so much country to ride close to home.
    And it gets harder to get my daughters to commit to the weekends.  They get jobs, marching bad and other school activities and they always seem to have something they need to do vs going riding with dad. At least with 3 daughters, I can usually find one of the three who is willing to sneek away for a ride.
    I couldn't get away this past weekend, so I just took one of my horses for a short ride down an old Rail Road right away.  the city had just paved it and bikers, roller bladers, walkers etc have all claimed it as their new domain.  I wanted to ride the horse down the path to help everybody remember that horses have been using the right away as a trail for long long time. 
    My horse slipped on the oiled asphalt.  Down we went.  First time, I've ever had a horse slip and go down with me.  Took some hide of the horses knees and off my hand and elbow as we both bounced and rolled.  Ouch!
    Guess I won't be riding that new path for a while until the oil is washed off by a few rain storms.
  • Going down is bad enough,but on asphalt ,that must be the worst..I sure hope you are alright, we don't seem to heal up like we used to. I know exactly what you are talking about with daughters, My last riding partner goes to BYU-I in September ,I am going to be lost. Sometime we should get together ,either place would be fine..
  • I've got my Coggins and Health papers.   The School I'm building should be done in August around the 15th.  Maybe Late August.  By Sept I'm packing in my camp and helping those lucky enough to draw a Limited entry elk tag with their Rut hunts and October finds me filling my meat tags.
    I usually like to go up to Tetonia and ride into Granite Basin or into Yellowstone Park and ride with the Buffalo in the Hayden Valley.
    But maybe you have someplace neat I should come see.
    I'm thinking of riding into Union Falls in SouthWest Yellowston around the 24th of July.
  • Beautiful country!!!!!
    You really know how to rough it for a picinic on a day ride! lol
    PH...we have a wonderful trail here (Banks-Vernonia Linear Trail) that has been citified with blacktop for the  muffins who can't walk or ride a bike on a nice graveled two-track trail. At least they did wood-chip the side of the blacktop for the horses. The weenies are taking over the planet, I tell ya!
  • They were supposed to leave a 3 foot wide horse path along the side of the asphalt.  But No!  there is no horse path, the asphalt covers what used to be the rail bed, The only area left is all sloping down hill off the berm.  So it's not very horse friendly right now.
    Had the big parade in town yesterday.  Only had 12 horses in the parade.  It's changed so much over the years from when you had Sheriffs Posse and several 4H groups.  Now the parade has lots of Dance groups and very few horses.  Kids have different hobbies today.
    Two of my daughters were in the High School Marching band and had to march in the parade, So I went and watched and then loaded the horses up after and went for a short afternoon ride. My daughters were more interested in hanging with friends that going for a ride.  So I found a neighbor and took him to fill a saddle.
  • Really great pictures!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Glad that you and your daughter were able to ride together. Trail riding is such a great way for family to spend time together. Great pictures!