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Trail ride+VIDEO of Dani being a bad influence

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Trail ride+VIDEO of Dani being a bad influence
  • It took forever for Zag to catch me this morning.  How smart was I to take Dani down there to keep Bully company while Zag was gone.  She's in season.  [:@]  Plus she's the only one Zag can be the boss of so he was NOT going to demonstrate submission in front of Dani!  Pshaw!   Fortunately we weren't late... just almost.  It was closer than I thought.  There were LOTS of trails all through the woods and we stayed out of the sun for the most part.  These ladies board near the trails.  It's a very nice barn.  I rode there before once.  I was in tie-dye and the Aussie saddle the last time. 
    Here's Zag's fun and games.....grumble...grumble...
  • Bump for shiver [':)']
  • Thank you for bumping this. I always love your video's and pictures. And what makes they so good is all the great commentary!! Is that your pasture the horses are in? I love it. For reason I pictured some think much smaller. It is very nice. 

    So how did you catch Zag? Good thing you lived to tell the story. It looks like you are running into a tree. Poor Beth and Zag.. wait a minute you were the one leading, you lead them into a tree. lol

    Thanks so much for sharing the pictures. Looks like you had lots of fun.
  • I make him move until he's ready to catch ME!  I don't chase him except if he stands still.  Then I chase him and make him move.  He has to walk up to me.  It normally doesn't take very long because he knows I'll keep going but submitting to me would make him look less alpha to the filly.  Male ego.  sheesh.
  • You can say that again!