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Riding at Cuivre River St Park

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Riding at Cuivre River St Park
  • We have had so much rain this yr, trails have been a mess so we have been riding gravel roads. Makes for a good horse as they see everything, tractors, road graders, atvs, farm equipment, cows, pigs, sheep, goats, clothes blowing on the line, and you learn to keep one leg on each side of the horse!We finally got the trailor out and got to ride at Cuivre on a Sat and sun. They have about 20 miles of trail and we rode it both days.
    This is the trail on Frenchmans Bluff which over looks the river and fields

  • Could only do one picture so will try again. This is along the trail at Cuivre River


    Lots of water now but will dry up by mid summer.

    A break at the old CCC camp! Great ride and great day!!

  • My goodness those places look familiar!
    Hope to see you guys out there Saturday!
  • Cool pictures. Your horse is a cutie [':)']
  • Great pictures and looks like a nice place to ride! You and your horse make a great pair!!
  • Lovely pictures!  Looks like you have a great place to ride.
  • Thanks for sharing your ride.. looks like alot of fun