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It's finally spring!

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It's finally spring!
  • And its time to start riding those hayburners we've been feeding and cleaning stalls for all winter! My husband, my young friend and I met up with some horse and mule people at Pacific City, Oregon for a spring ride. The beach is always convenient when its mud everywhere else. The other folks hadn't been out with their equines since fall, so sand is always a good thing for a spring refresher coarse. We hope to start getting out on the other trails in the region now that the sun is making an appearance in this part of the country.   We actually had a very nice ride. The family we met were pretty laid back; the 13-year-old boy was riding a cute white hinny (out of a donkey, sired by a horse) that was just completely laid back, not a care in the world. His father had a big bay mule similar to our Sally mule, named Whiskey, who was also a gem. The mother was riding a pretty cremello mare horse, looked to have some gaited breed mixed in somewhere along its line... the mare was a 'free to a good home' horse and seemed to be getting along just fine with her rider.   My young friend rode Peach, the two are coming along very well together. I rode Sweet P, and my husband rode his white gelding, Thunder and ponied Sally the Mule. Thunder had a bee in his bonnet about ponying the mule but eventually wore himself out fussing over it and gave up the fight.
  • Your ride looks wonderful!  I so miss riding on the beach!  It is really nice to ride with laid-back, happy horse people, huh?
    Peach's rider looks like she's really coming along ':)'  Sweet Pea and Sally are beautiful as always.
    Thanks for sharing!
  • Looks like you are having a wonderful time. Great pics. I have been to Longbeach once this year. It is a good workout after a winter layoff.
  • yeah... 'laid back, happy horse people' sums it up nicely! There are SO MANY uptight horse people! Its a real treat to find birds of a feather. We are all looking forward to doing more rides with this family. The best part is that their son is almost exactly one year older than my young friend, so they hit it off really well. He is a very nice, mellow kid which does well with my young friend's shy nature. I am also in need of horsey friends around here, haven't met many I hit it off with well (met some while taking my friend to her riding lessons but they were 'horse show people'). We hope to get a horse camp (car and corral camping) trip together with this family sometime this summer in the Cascades.
  • Great pictures.  Looks like a wonderful ride.  I understand "laid back, happy horse people."  The best kind.
  • What a beautiful place to ride!  I'm in northeastern Ohio, and while we have some nice wooded hilly trails similar to the one pictured, we just don't have that many good beaches to ride on, and certainly none along the ocean.  Seems like a nice group, too.  I definitely understand the difference between "laid back, happy horse people" vs. "horse show people."  I'm more the laid-back variety.  I have some very good friends who are horse show people, but we never ride together because we end up driving each other crazy.  Haha!
    Great pictures as usual.. Sure looks like some good fun riding,..
    Spring is still struggling to get to us this year.. we are about an hour from the Oregon coast in Nehalem Valley...
  • This looks like a lot of fun. I do hope when the pandemic ends we can all go back to this

  • Beautiful place to ride. This is such a great resource that you providing and you give it away for free. . I am impressed with your skills and work. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Great resouce, thanks. For more information, (link removed)