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December Beach Ride!

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December Beach Ride!
  • Took the Haflingers, Thunder and our Mule to the beach yesterday for a delightful winter beach ride. Best part is there was harly anybody out there besides us and some seals! My husband, dragging his Ass to the beach :)  My young friend on Peach, me on Sweet P  We started at the Bob Straub park/boat launch in Pacific City, Oregon and rode south to where the Nastucka River meets the Pacific   A cluster of seals along the bank of the river   Me and 'p' (her mane is pretty dirty from wintertime turnout)  Peach and her girl  Then we rode along the seawall and explored the dunes and marshes on the way back     After the ride we stopped at the Pelican brewery for lunch!
  • great pictures.  Looks like a wonderful ride.  I really like the picture of you and your young friend, the one just before the horse and mule in the water.  Beautiful ocean, beach, and the group of spectators. 
  • Makes me miss riding on the beach in WA.  When we lived on Whidbey Is. it was only about a 15 minute ride from home, nice private beaches!
    Looks like it was perfect weather for you and nice that there weren't many people there.  Sally looks like she had quite the experience ':)'  Your girls have the most beautiful faces ':)'
  • Oh brrrr!  That water!  Do all mules have the dorsal stripe? 
    Looks like a gorgeous day!  Do the girls accept the mule completely?
    Peach looks like she loves her girl! [':)']
  • Not all mules have dorsal stripes.... or pretty black stockings : ) Sally has fit right into the herd, she is not the least aggressive but has a way of being a little bit mischievous when it comes to testing the pecking order. Let's say nobody is claiming to be best friends with her but nobody is giving her the cold shoulder, either. She is stalled next to Sweet P and I think the two have become rather endeared to eachother. Thunder was a little nervous when we first started ponying her while riding him, but she keeps a respectful distance and minds her manners back there.
  • GREAT pictures!!
    One thing about this time of year you don't have a lot of sun bathers getting in your way!!
    Good sized mule? 
  • Ole' bean, she measured up at 16 hands plus 1 and 3/4 inches ':)'   And she has thrived on every bit of training we've put into her so far. Even had one little bitty ride on her  And hope to have lots of trail riding pictures next summer with her under saddle! My husband and I sure got a gem when we put her in the horse trailer and hauled her home - for less than $500, too!